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You Look Familiar....
Erica Lights Our Candle
02 September 1999
RENT - San Fransisco - August 29, 1999
As soon as 7:00PM rolled around I was very anxious to see and hear Erica Munoz as Mimi Marquez. The show began and Erica was shining bright!
When, "Light My Candle" came around I was already in tears. Erica came out and right as she began to sing, the audience feel in love with her. She gave so much more to the character than the other actresses who have played Mimi. I was taken away by her performance. But it didn't end there. The time had come for her to sing, "Out Tonight." Well, all I have to say is this, SHE ROCKED! No one could have given so much during that song. And she kept that feeling all the way through "Another Day."
Erica's vocal ability to explore and change notes, was very pleasing. It was a great change to hear something new.

In Act 2, Erica transported us into her mind, during "Without You." She had so much feelings in her voice and her movements, that no matter where you sat in the theatre, you were put under her spell. The song, "Goodbye Love" began to play and once again I began to cry. Erica had to much hurt and pain in her voice, I just wanted to hold her. And I knew in my mind that the end was near. The final moment of truth came. And Erica had to appear on the stage one last time. Her death scene was very heartfelt and made everyone in the theatre burst into tears.
I was very pleased no doubt by Erica's performance. I believe that her portrayal of Mimi was my favorite. During the Curtain Call, Erica first acknowledged us by a nod. Then right before the second bow, she raised both of her hands and threw us kisses. That right there, completed the night for me. I then fell in love with Erica!
If any of you ever get a chance to see Erica on stage, I strongly suggest you do. She is a star on stage and is just begining to shine! Hugs and Kisses ERICA!
Michael Tomaselli - Garden Grove - September 2, 1999

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