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so here is the section that YOU the readers contribute to. If its blank, its because no one has given me any new info lately.

RentHead Andrea says:

I know the first time she went on with the angel cast was on april 7th (matinee) as Mark's mom, i missed that show by two days, but thats not the point. I know when i was out in SF in april she was rehearsing Maureen alot, but hadn't gone on yet...and she still hasn't. She's also gone on as Alexi a few times and I think she went on as Mimi twich there and people seemed to like her Mimi, from what I've heard. Oh I saw her as Mimi in NYC twice on Feb 6th (both shows), she was great and she was so excited to go on. Her "without you" was the most beautiful i've ever heard. I guess thats it, hope I helped.

When Erica signed Rachel's Guestbook she wrote:

Name: Erica Munoz


Referred by: From a Friend

From: Orange County

Time: 1998-11-15 04:32:05

Comments: Ya ya ya , he's cute and everything, but can he look cute in those tight a**blue pants???J/K this is a pretty darn cute page!! thanks for sending pictures to my little web page too. Cute page!

I have been im'd times while reading this page !

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