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Shows that Erica has been in

Pirates Of Penzance
Erica was Isabel (daughter with lines)
like this isnt already bookmarked*sigh* Erica is a swing
Jesus Christ Superstar
Erica was Mary in 2 different productions
Into The Woods
Erica Played the Witch (and kicked serious @ss i might add)
West Side Story
Erica played Anita very early in her career

Erica has also been in Lucky Stiff in the role of Rita LaPorta (the comedic lead) , the crazy Jersey gal who thinks she has offed her lover who stole six million bucks from her casino manager husband. It is a really silly, clever well written early work of Ahrens and Flarety (Ragtime and Once On This Island) The cast needs to be small playing multiple roles and it has to be done in a small theatre. They also have to have excellent comedic timing so for these reasons, it is rarely done.

Another show that Erica has done is Rags where she played the role of Bella (the ingenue). It is a story very similar to Ragtime in the sense that it deals with the hardships of the Immigrants. Bella wants to get out and see the world but her father is very strict. There is a great song called Rags where Erica got to bust a move.. but tragically Bella dies in a factory fire which leads to this whole workers rights demonstration. The script leaves a lot to be desired, but the music is pretty great. The show Rags was on Broadway for a week but it bombed in a major way. It is hardly ever done these days.

So, You Want To Learn About Musicals

Well, the fact that you have arrived at this location pleases me. It means that you have other intrests in your life besides RENT. Don't get me wrong, RENT kicks @ss, but there *IS* life beyond it, especially in the musical theatre world.SO since this is an Erica Munoz webpage, I am going to list some links to shows she has been in. Unfortunately some of the shows, do not have webpages that correspond so you'll have to research those shows on your own. I will say that the particular shows i speak of are pretty great. SO what the hell am i rambling about? On with it already!!

I have seen new shows due to this page :)
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Cade (a friend from Cali) and Erica. Pic by Marni

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